Adonis Golden Ratio Reviews

One of the most awaited exercise and nutrition programs of the last ten years is the Adonis Golden Ratio program. It's created the same craze the Charles Atlas fitness program did over 50 years ago but in a much larger scale.


What The Product Is

This program is revolutionary in that it's a personalized approach to exercise and nutrition. Unlike other exercise programs which focus on doing the same exercises over and over (which is why they fail time and time again), the Golden Ratio focuses on what a person's specific measurements are to create the perfect body.

The fitness program is named after the Greek god of sexual desire and male beauty, Adonis. Its based on numerical measurements of a waist circumference compared with the shoulder circumference.

As no two people have the exact same body shape, the measurements are entered in a downloadable software called the Virtual Nutritionist. Then the software creates a strategy needed to start the physical transformation.

Who Created The Fitness Program

The creators of this groundbreaking nutrition and fitness program, of which there's no other in the market, are John Barban and Kyle Leon.

Together they have over 40 years of experience in the creation of fitness programs, with college degrees in Nutrition, Personal Fitness, Physiology, and extensive experience in the research of methods of proper nutrition and exercise.

Their extensive research, done over a 10 year period, has shown why other fitness programs have failed and the steps taken to ensure continuous success with the Golden Ratio.

What Is Included

The Virtual Nutritionist is included in the program. eBooks, all manner of videos, and downloadable software illustrates the plans and strategies needed to have the Golden Ratio. There are three systems to choose from:

  • Loss of fat
  • Building of muscle
  • Muscle gain with fat loss

Once the measurements are entered, the software will send out information which will help the user as to which system to choose. Each program is 12 weeks; set out on a day by day basis, as to which exercises to perform and what foods to eat.

How Does It Work?

Through three steps. Step 1 is the Nutrition Program. Based on an individual's measurements, the software will create guidelines to follow as to what nutrients to eat, the so called healthy foods to avoid, and how to develop an Adonis body nutritionally.

As a person's body changes gradually, the guidelines also change and are updated to provide different nutrients needed at each step of the program.

Step 2 is the Total Body Workout. Again based on a person's individual measurements, the software will create a workout targeting every muscle in the body.

Most people don't know muscles that they have; these muscles will be worked out thoroughly. Unlike other exercise programs which target the same muscles over and over, the Golden Ratio targets each muscle individually.


The intensity of the workouts increases as the body changes. This program works in conjunction with the nutrition program.

Step 3 is crucial. It's the constant Tracking and Support. A community of Golden Ratio members is available for support; communication is strongly encouraged.

For a lot of followers of any exercise program, the ongoing support and motivation makes the difference between giving up or becoming a success.

But there's more! 3 bonuses which will help men create the body the opposite sex will pay attention to:

Bonus #1 is the Adonis Arms and Abs – how to create chiseled arms and abs.

Bonus #2 is the Adonis Unlimited Upgrades – the information is constantly updated; there's consistency in the different information a user receives on a daily basis.

Bonus #3 is the 7 Days Out program from Kyle Leon, one of the founders. It shows how to gain 10 -20 pounds of muscle in only a week.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Product

The ideal candidate for this cutting edge product is a person who is out of shape and is aware that changes need to be made to their physical appearance.

A person whose inner confidence needs to be increased as well as success with the opposite sex. Someone who's tired of doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

This is called insanity. With the Golden Ratio there's no such insanity as each program is customized with an individual's best interests at heart, as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach.


There are several pros to this excellent exercise program:

  • Convenient – As it can be carried in a pad, smartphone or laptop, it can be carried anywhere and used anytime.
  • Easy to understand – The instructions are simple to follow; there's no second guessing as clarity is an endeavor of the program creators.
  • Questions are answered in an expedient manner – John Barban has a once a month seminar where questions are answered. The community of members also is another forum where questions and comments are encouraged.
  • Personalized advice – The instructors offer advice on which nutrients and what specific exercises each body type should do while on each program and also how the science of body transformation really works to a user's advantage.
  • Suitable for newbies – For someone who has never followed a structured exercise and nutrition program the software will create guidelines for that person's specific fitness level.

About the only con is time – Each program is 12 weeks; that's a minimum of 36 weeks. However, as with any exercise program, time and diligence are much needed to achieve optimal results.

Does The Product Work?

The proverbial question is does the product work? It has a 95% success rate – the highest of any exercise program in the industry. The reason for such a high success rate is that each user has the convenience of having a personal trainer at their fingertips.

The advice is tailored to an individual's unique situation; this gives the fitness and nutrition program an edge over other programs.

No other exercise and nutrition program enables people to come as close to their ideal as this one does. Therefore the answer is a clear yes, the product definitely works!


A Positive Recommendation

The Adonis Golden Ratio is strongly recommended. It will change a person's appearance drastically; their attitude will improve as their confidence will increase.

The diet strategies, along with the unique workouts, tailored individually and the ongoing support and motivation create an unbeatable combination.

As a person loses the fat, they start to gain muscle in its place. That's the essence of this cutting edge fitness program and also why its appeal is only increasing over time.

Purchase the Golden Ratio today, it's an investment which pays for itself!