Anabolic Cooking Reviews

Anabolic Cooking is a unique program that enhances knowledge about eating the right nutrients in the proper portions. It walks a person through how they can obtain the perfect physique.

By combining specific foods and techniques and putting them together, it creates a healthy diet that can be useful to bodybuilders.


This program was discovered through extensive experiments, and the foods are those that are easy and likely to be prepared by anyone.

The goal of this program is to show those serious about body building how to prepare the foods that the body desperately needs, and in return receives maximum results.

The guide is so simple that a 10 year old can use it and have no issues. It was created for those who want to see results and not another gimmick.

Who is the author?

This cookbook contains a guide for eating right and the right combinations. It is created by Dave Ruel, a world renounced body builder and nutritionist.

David is known as a muscle cook because he creates foods and combinations that are geared toward fueling the body. When the body has the proper fuel, it will not be deprived and have a tendency to crave carbs and sugary substances.

He is a passionate man that believes the core of his existence is being a competitive bodybuilder, a professional Fitness Coach and above all a Nutritionist.

Combining his loves of nutrition and his bodybuilding abilities makes his knowledge valuable to those who need a dieting boost.

What is included in the program?

Anabolic Cooking is a cook book that is stocked full of valuable information and recipes. David’s vast knowledge has helped people in over 100 countries.

There are more than 200 recipes to choose from. Of the recipes include things like turkey meatloaf and blueberry oatmeal delights.

The program not only gives great recipes but many other helpful tips. By combining the right foods alongside with 6 small meals, ample water and plenty of exercise, people can see dramatic results.

The program is just a cookbook, but the knowledge it contains is vital to those who want a healthy lifestyle and a body to show for it.

How does it work?

The program works by finding the foods that a person likes and use methods that work. Stop cravings for sugary substances and carbs and learn to refuel the body.

By giving the body only what it needs, there is no reason to consume unnecessary foods. Because of the simplicity of the recipes, it is easy to create a meal plan that is able to be followed without being problematic.

There is no rigid routine and a person can select the foods they love to eat. No diets with restrictions, one is able to make their own selections so they can ensure they will eat the foods.


Even those with the busiest schedules can prepare these meals without issue. It provides tips for training and foods that build muscle and stamina.

David puts his expertise into this book and gives other the vast training knowledge that he has received. See pictures of how he helped others from over 100 countries get the results most people are looking for.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the product?

Though there are many programs on the market that are geared at weight loss, this really isn't one of those programs. While it does teach someone how to eat right, it’s not a lose quick gimmick that won’t work.

This program is made for those who want to learn to eat right and also those who want to build muscles. Though the plan does help with fat loss, this program really isn't made for those who ware wanting another fad diet.

Nevertheless, those who want to change their eating habits make an effort to get rid of excess fat and build muscle; will find a plethora of information in the book.

It’s not a diet, it a way to eat better, healthier. By implementing these healthy habits it can benefit bodybuilder and average person alike.


  • Easy to Read
  • Great Recipes
  • Food Selections for All
  • 200 Recipes to Choose From
  • Quick Meals Can Be Done By Working People
  • Helps Prepare a Grocery List
  • Doesn't Cost a Fortune To Do
  • Dave's Knowledge is vast and Applicable
  • Learn How To Avoid Junk food
  • Retrain the Body by eating 6 Meals
  • Learn To Divide the Proteins and Fats Strategically
  • Don't Starve Actually Eat To Live
  • Discover How Water Refuels the Body


  • It Requires a Commitment to Reading and Learning
  • Those Who Have No Cooking Skills May Be Troubled

Does The Product Work?

Like most products, it does work if it is given a chance. The goal is to follow the tips along with the recipes. For instance, instead of eating 3 large meals a day, eat 6 meals and retrain the body to never be hungry.

When people are hungry they binge eat and this causes excessive calories to be eaten. This guide is applicable for living and using its simple strategies very effective.

Yes, the product works and it allows one to eat delicious foods that they choose. No one is putting anyone on a strict plan that they won’t follow.

There is choice and plenty of it in this plan. It’s a cookbook so it gives recipes that are able to be followed with normal household stuff. No need to buy organic this and that, it can use stuff that most people already have.



For all those who are looking for a way to not only lose weight but also to build muscle, this is the program and cookbook to have. It not only provides adequate knowledge but the tips provided are relevant for today's body building crowd.

David is an excellent teacher. By using this book and the other two he has written, it is easy for those who want results quickly to see how it can be done.

There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on fad diets that may or may not work. If they do work their results are usually limited.

Use a program that has proven to be life changing. Why not look like the people in the colorful pictures David provides? See why he is a top selling author and gives information that people can use.