Forbidden Fitness Secrets of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior Reviews

The Forbidden Fitness Secrets of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior is a series of fitness videos developed by Ryan Murdock and is an all-in-one fitness program.

The basics of muscle building and fat loss are presented very accurately and very simply, so that everyone can immediately understand and use the content. The program has been on the market for several years and has been steadily improved.

• Individual training & nutrition plans for your needs
• 99 videos + 6 software tools
• All exercises are explained in detail
• Additionally over 80 recipes (also in Vegan & Vegetarian)
• over 10,000 satisfied customers

The Forbidden Fitness Secrets was the most convincing test in our fitness program. This is mainly due to the outstanding tools. With these, for example, you can quickly determine the calorie conversion and the calorie goal.

With the purchase of this fitness program, you save a lot of time, which justifies the purchase price in any case.

What do you get from Forbidden Fitness Secrets?

• 12 week bodyweight training program that can be done anytime, anywhere
• Nutritional program with delicious and everyday recipes
• motivation

And these are the goals for the 12 week program:

• Lose weight
You will be shown which foods and which training are ideal to burn fat. The goal is to achieve fast and lasting results.
• Tighten the body
step by step you get closer to your dream body through fitness training. Muscles shape the body and make it beautiful.
• Feeling good
Everybody should be happy with his figure and the simple changes make for a new body feeling.

The fitness program of Ryan Murdock is primarily aimed at women. It provides information on which foods are ideal for burning fat and achieving long-term results.

The training is designed to build and shape muscles, but so that the body still looks feminine and beautiful. The change in diet and the workouts should also positively change your body feeling.

Because according to Sopia everyone should be happy with his figure. The training program is available everywhere. All information can be retrieved on the smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The nutrition and fitness videos can also be easily played on a connected TV set. So you can also pause in unplanned breaks, such as a disease or injury, and then continue training.

Ryan Murdock program

The 12 week program is divided into 3 phases, which I will explain in more detail below:

Phase 1 – kick-start (1-4 weeks)

In the so-called kick-start phase you should lose weight fast. By a low-carbohydrate diet, the body is mainly deprived of water.

Because carbohydrates bind a lot of water. In the first 4 weeks you will be introduced step by step and learn all the basics related to the training and nutrition.

Phase 2 – Reshape (5-8th week)

From the 5th week begins the Reshape phase. The food is adapted to your personal success. Also, the training is significantly more intense during this time, causing you to lose even more kilos and build muscle.

Phase 3 – Feel-Good (9-12th week)

The Feel-Food phase marks the end of the 12-week program. Here, your body will continue to be streamlined through training.

The goal is to shape the body, but without building too much muscle. Furthermore, the training goal is to maintain a tight and well-built female body without over-training many muscles. The varied and well-balanced diet is perfect for everyday use, so the yo-yo effect is also missing.

Ryan Murdock training plan

The Ryan Murdock training plan focuses on simple yet effective training. This is a bodyweight workout, means you trained exclusively with your own body weight.

Thus, you are completely flexible with the home workout system and can train when and where you want. You do not need a lot of equipment to complete the training.

Only a gym or exercise kit is needed for training at home. You would rather work out in a gym? No problem, there is a free workout program for the gym.

This gives you even more flexibility in your training schedule with regard to your training and you can also switch between training at home and in the gym at any time.

Within the 12 weeks you will be introduced step by step and will receive detailed instructions. Here, the emphasis is placed on the correct technique and movement execution in order to avoid injuries.

A total of 12 hours of workout videos are available. The videos are in real time and thus ideally suited to participate directly. The scope of training is 3 times 20 minutes the week, however, kept relatively low.

However, if that's not enough, you can always do additional workouts – so you're very flexible in your training schedule.

Overall, the video material is available 24 weeks. Thus, even with illness, the program can pause without problems and you can follow up.

Ryan Murdock nutrition

The Ryan Murdock Fitness program gives the highest priority to nutrition. Only through hard training you cannot reach your goals.

Because the right diet usually makes up almost 60% of the success – only those who eat properly and healthily can really achieve their personal goals.

You have access to a complete nutritional concept with over 130 different recipes. Of these, 30 are vegan, so there really is something for everyone.

The Ryan Murdock recipes are delicious and healthy and can be prepared simply and quickly. Thus, the diet can also be easily integrated into everyday life and implement. The goal is to lose weight without starving. A nutrition guide is available in PDF format.

The fitness concept is supplemented by nutritional videos with Ryan Murdock. During the 12 weeks you will learn important information about food and thus get the basis to eat well and consciously after the end of the program. Thus, also the known yo-yo effect is prevented.

This is not a radical diet, but rather a long-term diet change that does not require counting calories. Compared to other programs here is not completely dispensed with carbohydrates.

As with a slow carb diet, you rely on good carbohydrates. You get insight about good fats and proteins as well as information about the perfect after-workout-meal.

Once a week there is a so-called cheat-day, where you can eat what you want. In a nutshell, these are delicious recipes that will fill you up without sacrificing anything or having to count calories.

Ryan Murdock motivation

Ryan Murdock has already successfully mastered the stony and difficult path. She knows what is important and can tell from her own experiences and has lots of tips, tricks and motivational aids.

Whether for nutrition or fitness, Ryan Murdock motivates and helps the whole program through to the end. In a closed Facebook community, you have contact with other users and you can share your experiences, successes or even problems.

It is always interesting when other users talk about their Ryan Murdock experiences. Here you will also find other daily tips and tricks as well as recipes.

You are still uncertain? Then have a look at your YouTube videos and get a first impression. Or just ask for free information and get a first little insight into the fitness program.

For whom is the program suitable?

The program is mainly aimed at women. Whether you already have some experience or are a total beginner, the fitness program is suitable for everyone and guides you step by step and slowly.

Benefits Ryan Murdock Fitness

The fitness program of Ryan Murdock brings with it some advantages. With only a little time (3 x 20 minutes of training) can be successfully decrease.

Above all, the large nutritional section has convinced – here, the foundations are laid for long-term success. Since the content can also be retrieved via the smartphone, the program can be carried out everywhere and at any time and you are completely flexible in terms of time and place.

  1. effective and intensive training program with very little time expenditure
  2. big community and high motivation
  3. Available everywhere – flexibility
  4. detailed videos and step-by-step instructions of the exercises
  5. great nutritional section for long-term success

Disadvantages and important note

The training and nutrition program of Ryan Murdock has convinced us without compromise. A balanced and healthy diet, combined with effective workouts, can reduce weight by a few within the 12 weeks.

However, I would like to add that in this time you cannot expect results as Ryan Murdock and can! Ryan Murdock has taken several years to achieve something out of balance the current outward appearance.

If you want a six-pack like Ryan Murdock, you have to invest more than 12 weeks and consistently pursue your goal. For a weekly training of 3 times 20 minutes is not enough, but it requires a much higher training effort.

Conclusion – My Ryan Murdock experiences

Ryan Murdock knows how to do it. She has already made the difficult journey from the once overweight girl to the dream body.

By the intensive examination of many different training and nutrition principles she has found the perfect concept for herself.

This brings them above all believable and authentic and wants to help women healthy and long-term weight loss, to feel comfortable in their bodies.

And that's the big advantage of Ryan Murdock compared to other different online fitness programs. Ryan Murdock is genuine, authentic, sympathetic and brings a certain joie de vivre with her.

The training and nutrition program is perfectly coordinated. Over 3 phases you will gradually be introduced to a healthy diet and ever harder training.

Another advantage is that training is both at home and in the gym feasible and you are therefore completely flexible in terms of training. The large community gives you more helpful tips and tricks and motivates each other.

For this reason, I am convinced that the fitness program of Ryan Murdock works and you can successfully lose weight.

Within the 12 weeks, you can achieve visible results and success without starving. You learn all the important information about nutrition and training know and so is the basic building block for a lasting success.

Depending on personal requirements, it will not be possible for everyone to reach a six-pack in the short time, for example. This simply takes more time (see the section on cons and important note).

For women, Ryan Murdock Online Fitness is one of the best programs on the market – so I make a clear recommendation!

You are still not sure if the program is really suitable for you? Then simply enter an e-mail address on this page and get free information about the program and a free e-book.

Do you have any further comments or have you already experienced the program of Ryan Murdock? I appreciate any input in the comments.