Isometrics Mass Reviews

Resistance isometrics is a movement-free school of fitness that encompasses ubiquitous techniques such as planks. It also includes a lesser-known concept of Isometrics Mass, which represents a complete system for building muscle mass and strength.

These two basic goals can be achieved without following a strict bodybuilding regime or pumping iron like a madman.

In fact, the program encourages you to spend less time in the gym and debunks many myths linked to workout. It is the embodiment of “less is more” principle.

This is a comprehensive review designed to give you insights into the Isometrics Mass proggranm, which is presented in the book Mass Main Manual.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Isometrics Mass Main Manual is a complete blueprint for the isometrics exercise regimen written by a fitness instructor Alby Gonzales.

But, the origins of the program are much older and Alby himself gives credit to Alexander Zass, a Russian Spy who escaped captivity on multiple occasions.

He pulled it off by breaking the heavy shackles and prying open the prison bars using his bare hands. Such incredible feats were the result of isometric workout he performed in the cell.

After the Great War, Zass continue his regimen and even became the first weightlifting champion of Russia.

What Is Included In The Program?

Isometrics Mass Main Manual covers movement free, gymnastics, ready-made gym, voluntary contraction, and breathing methods for supercharging testosterone and muscle growth. It is teeming with actionable tips and in-depth instructions and advice.

On top of that, you have value-added bonuses. Namely, rich multimedia is included in the package:

  • Isometrics-Mass Quick-Start Video-Guide,
  • Isometrics-Mass Instructional Video-Library,
  • Isometrics-Mass Workout-Guide,
  • Isometrics-Mass Printable Workout-Logs,
  • Isometrics-Mass Done-for-you Meal-Plan,
  • Isometrics-Mass Bodyweight-Edition, and
  • Isometrics-Mass Supplement-Guide.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Isometrics Mass program utilizes tips and tricks that fly under the radar of most fitness gurus and magazines. But, it actually revolves around various tried and tested methods used by Strongman competitors, UFC fighters, Olympic Gymnasts, and bodybuilders.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger followed a form of isometrics that he called super isometrics. Other legends like Bruce Lee were also among the practitioners and advocates of this practice.

What is more, Isometrics Mass has the whole army of followers around it. This popularity is due to indisputable track record: people rely on this system to deal with persistent fat deposits, gain strength, improve body control, build stamina, and alleviate muscle loss.

Speaking of which, the age factor is one of the crucial elements Isometrics Mass program is built around. To be more precise, declining testosterone levels are an inevitable product of aging.

This means that gaining and maintaining a muscle mass becomes harder and harder as time rolls by. What many people do then is resort to various supplements and performance enhancers.

They are not aware that after only 30 minutes of intense activity, the testosterone spikes. There is no need to spend an hour more lifting weights because that only impedes the main muscle-building hormone we possess.

Not only that, but prolonged sessions tend to boost cortisol production. As you may know, this hormone hurts muscle gains and increases body fat level.

Isometrics Mass helps you avoid these pitfalls. It only requires short exercises combined with simple movement-free techniques.

Take the example of Max-Static Stimulation. It is a method that involves minimum injury risk— it is one of the safest forms of muscular workout there is.

Yet, the force it can generate is the same as doing a 500 lb deadlift. You are actually pulling a trick on your muscles, letting them believe such as move is occurring.

The beauty of this extra stimulation is that you can use it anywhere and without any extra equipment. So, when you cannot make it to the gym, you simply use your bodyweight and make the most of your time at home.

List of Pros

Here are some of the main advantages you can reap from Isometrics Mass:

  1. Easy to implement and flexible plan
  2. Work smarter instead of harder,
  3. Cut exercise time in half,
  4. Maximize muscle gains and demolish strength plateaus in your way,
  5. Avoid risks associated with overtraining: poor sex drive, muscle loss, low self-confidence, fatigue, injury, soreness, etc.,
  6. Spare your body (joints and spine),
  7. Free yourself from dreadful feeling that comes after unreasonably long gym session,
  8. Sculpt a body that is both functional and visually-pleasing,
  9. Steer clear of common workout mistakes and myths

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Isometrics Mass adds value to your fitness endeavors regardless of age and genetics. That being said, it is tailored to busy individuals who do not want to spend a lot of time working out and sacrifice family and career priorities that way. It also caters to men above 30 looking to stay in shape and mitigate the impact of the aging process.

Note that there is also the “over 50” routine designed for the older target audience. Finally, due to the manageable schedule and required tasks, Isometrics Mass works miracles for people who suffer from problems such as strained back muscles, knee pain, neck discomfort, and other exercise-related injuries.

Does The Product Work?

Isometrics Mass is rooted in a reputable body of scientific research that sheds light on ins and outs of testosterone production and muscle growth it breeds.

One such study (by U.S. National-Library of Medicine) confirms that low volume workout combined with high-intensity muscle activation leads to better strength and lean mass growth in the long term.

Another article published in the Journal of Applied-Physiology that isometrics techniques increase both rep maximum and muscle growth. The answer is yes, it works.


As a simple program with results-proven exercises, Isometrics Mass has nothing short of a life-changing potential. It does not force you into body-breaking sessions and strict regimens. What you need to do is straightforward and it makes sense.

So, the book is a definite recommendation and it is well worth $9. In fact, I would say it is basically a steal at that price, considering you get various bonuses and helpful material. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee.