Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Reviews

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 is a complex muscle building online training program distributed by a professional trainer with many years of experience known as Jason Ferruggia.

This program is an intense 90 day training program that gives you amazing results and an overall mind blowing transformation.


The 90 day training program consists of online coaching, a training manual which includes a 16 week training schedule, and printable worksheets.

90 days may seem like a long time to you when hard work is involved, but Jason's training program only takes minutes each day, three days a week.

When training right and staying persistent, with the right personal trainer, you can reach your goal much quicker than you'd imagine.

Who is the author?

The creator of this program, Jason Ferruggia, is a professional personal trainer with years of experience and an endless amount of passion for what he does.

Jason is a great motivator and has trained hundreds of people all over the world just like you and has successfully helped so many get the amazing results they've always dreamed of.

Unlike most other trainers, Jason is straight forward about body building and your muscle training journey, providing you with only proven facts and useful information from his own experiences to help you reach your goals.

What is included in the program?

In this program, no equipment will be included because most of these workouts can actually be done conveniently in your home without any. It just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

What little equipment you will need will be written down in your Training Manuel included in the program. Upon joining this program, you will also receive a training schedule and online worksheets to help you understand precisely what workouts to do, how to do them, and to help you keep track in your daily lives of when to do them.

Different printable online worksheets are available for both beginner and intermediate level trainees. During your program, you can also contact Jason himself to ask questions about any additional workout equipment you may have and how you can use them to further benefit you in your training.

How does it work?

This program is very simple for the trainee to work with, but it is also a very complex program in regards to the unique and ingeniously designed approach to weight training and body building.

However, with years of personal experience, Jason was able to achieve this amazing program and offer millions of people worldwide a very rewarding opportunity.

His program works by starting you off with three exercises. These exercises begin at a low level of difficulty and gradually increase as your body's physical strength increases.

In all, there are three levels of difficulty to achieve throughout this program as you progress. As you work your way through the program, you take on more physical challenges.


This helps to continuously change your body and improve strength. It is scientifically proven that keeping your body active with gradually intensifying exercises and workout cycles will keep your body growing and adapting, maximizing your fat burning and muscle building progress.

There is no cheat sheet to magically make you lose weight, no pill, no shakes, no free ticket to weight loss or building muscle. Anyone that tells you this is only trying to make sales.

Burning fat and building muscle takes hard work, the right exercises, the right strategy, determination, motivation, and persistence.

There is no one that can help you achieve these things than yourself and the guided assistance of a very experienced professional personal trainer.

Jason offers this to you, and amazing results, using only your determination, his help, and 45 minutes of your time three days a week.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the product?

This program is designed to not only build muscle but burn fat as well, so anyone interested in the combination of the two would be an excellent candidate.

It is also focused more on full body training than lifting. So if you're looking to get buff, build muscle and lose body fat along the way, this program is for you; however, if you're just looking to increase arm size you should probably look for another training program that focuses more on lifting than full body training.

If you have health issues, such as heart conditions or back injuries, that limit your workouts you should seek advice from your doctor before ever attempting a muscle training program like this.

When investing in this program, you receive so much more than personal help training and results, you receive vital information and helpful professional advice to keep you healthy and in shape long after you've completed this 90 day muscle building program.

If interested in the professional advice you'll receive throughout the program as well as your hard earned muscle, this program will certainly satisfy your desire for knowledge to continue to prosper in your muscle building journey.

The information you'll learn during your 90 days is valuable information that will help you get in tune with your body and physical health.

With this program, you not only to burn fat and build muscle but learn to maintain your hard earned progress after achieved.


  • Pictures and detailed directions are available for each excercise
  • A 60 minute audio guide with helpful muscle gaining advice
  • Includes at least some nutritional information and a few recipes
  • Program is step by step and easy to understand and follow
  • All of the workouts can conveniently be done in the comfort of you home
  • Free month of online coaching
  • Included printable worksheets, training guide, and schedule.
  • Instant access to the program because most of it is accessed online.
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Excercises get very intense
  • Although there will be a lot of valuable information learned, there is not a lot of nutritional information given in this program.

Does The Product Work?

Yes. This product has proven it's amazing results time and time again. If you work with it, it will work for you!


All in all, would I recommend this product? Yes. It's simple to follow and it works. It provides you with everything you need, plus additional help and information to keep you on track and knowledgeable.


Another reason I recommend trying this product is the 60 day money back guarantee. A 60 day money back guarantee on a 90 day program, what do you have to lose? Even the cons of this training program have their advantages.

Although the quality of some pictures may not be the best, unless you're judging the whole program by the web designs and picture quality, then it doesn't really matter.

That's not what is building your muscle mass here, and hey, lower picture quality equals faster download times. He may be onto something.

The program could certainly give some more nutritional advice, but it does gives some and even a few recipes. This isn't that big of a deal, after all, it's a meant to be more of a muscle guide than a nutritional one.

Also, the workouts may get intense, but it only a few days a week and you guessed it: no pain no gain.