Muscle Imbalances Revealed Reviews

When you’re a personal trainer, you want your clients to be in their best condition, because…well, it’s your job.

Not only are you teaching your clients valuable skills and techniques to help them reach their goals, but you’re also always constantly learning how to improve your own skills and techniques so that you can better serve your current and future clients.

One of the toughest obstacles when training is injury with some of the most common injuries being muscle imbalances.

Muscles imbalances are tricky to fix, because they can be tricky to detect. But with the new “Muscle Imbalances Revealed” video learning kit, you’ll understand how to easily spot and fix muscle imbalances in your clients!

What is the Muscle Imbalances Revealed All About?

“Muscle Imbalances Revealed” is a top-of-the-line video tutorial about how to spot muscle imbalances as well as how best to treat it.

The video also talks about the basics of what muscle imbalance is and what the symptoms are so they can be easily spotted. The product is easy to view and time efficient.

This isn’t a three hour long seminar that you have to buy a ticket to attend. This is just a video that contains specific sections on the topic of muscle imbalances, so you can skip around sections without having to watch every single section of the video.

Who Is the Author or Creator?

The creator of this video is Rick Kaselj. Rick is a world-renowned expert on exercise and injuries as well as an international fitness presenter.

He is also a renowned author of fitness and injuries. His written work includes industry-leading exercise injury manuals, articles that have appeared in fitness association magazines, and has actually taught over 250 presentations to over 5,000 fitness professionals. So don’t fret, because to say the least, Rick is a professional.

What Is Included in the Program?

In “Muscle Imbalances Revealed” you’ll find multiple sections about muscle imbalance to help you get better results for your clients within 6 days.

There are multiple exercises that you can have your clients start doing right away. With each webinar, you receive a video recording, an audio recording, and a handout.

These recordings are compatible with a PC, Mac, or an iPad. These webinars can also be downloaded onto your device, so you don’t have to worry about internet connection.

Plus, these webinars don’t have to be watched in any specific order, so you can skip around to sections that may be more important to you. There are five lower body webinars and 2 upper body webinars.

With “Muscle Imbalances Revealed”, you can actually use the program to earn CEC’s, PDC’s, and CEU’s! After watching the webinars, you simply answer the multiple choice questions that appear in the webinars on the handout.

You then send us your answers, and we grade your test and get you your appropriate credentials! Easy, right? You also don’t learn from just one instructor in this video, but you learn from six different qualified instructors.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The process to get this video information is very easy. You simply go to our website, and there’s a spot at the very bottom of the website where you can purchase the video.

The online price is running right now at $39, which is about 3x less than any other webinar you’ll find online or anywhere.

As far as this webinar being a scam, check out our numerous testimonials and videos from users who have had tremendous success with “Muscle Imbalances Revealed”.

Still don’t like it? “Muscle Imbalances Revealed” has a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied after 60 days, then it’s totally free!


  1. Easily downloadable to most devices.
  2. Content rich information.
  3. Numerous testimonials from many satisfied customers.
  4. Six different trained instructors teaching the webinar.
  5. Money back guarantee.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the Product?

The ideal candidate for this product is someone who wants to know how to spot muscle imbalance and how to fix this.

Our customers range from experienced to beginning personal trainers to people who just want to learn these valuable pieces of information to help keep themselves free of injury.

This product is for someone who is driven to learn more about how they can better help their current and future clients. Most of all, this product is for someone who wants to be the best version of themselves that they can be!

Does the Program Work?

Our program has been tried and tested over and over again. We have had multiple personal trainers of all levels of experience deliver testimonials of how their experience with our product has shaped their ability to better help their clients.

Our product has been customized to fit your personal needs, and has been made to be easy to access. Our video webinars are instructed by six reputable and qualified trainers and experts.

Our product offers invaluable information and techniques at a price that can’t be beat. The techniques and exercises that are found in “Muscle Imbalances Revealed” are simple to implement in your client’s routine and effective in your client’s results.


Our recommendation to you is to visit our website. Look at our product in more extensive detail. See what it has to offer step by step.

Look at the testimonials and watch the videos as well. See how “Muscle Imbalances Revealed” has shaped our customers’ experiences with their clients.

Compare products similar to ours and try to compare what they offer with we have to offer. See how much their material is worth and compare it to our price. Odds are you won’t find any other product out there that can match our low price.

After you’ve read the testimonials, looked at the product in better detail, and compared other products to ours, click the link at the shopping cart link at the bottom to purchase the video webinars.

Remember there’s a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied after 60 days, then it’s totally free. So get your copy of “Muscle Imbalances Revealed” today!