Off The Floor A Manual for Deadlift Domination Reviews

A weight training exercise in which a loaded barbell is lifted from the ground and taken to the hips before being lowered back to the ground is called deadlift.

This weight training can also be referred as lifting of dead weights. It is not easy to become successful in deadlifting. During deadlifting there are positions that one needs to make an approach.


These approaches include sumo deadlift and conventional deadlift. A detailed explanation is required to successfully follow and complete these approaches.

Off the floor contains these explanations that are required to follow the approaches. If you are interested in getting better in this weight training exercise you need to check out Off The Floor which is a manual for deadlift domination.

Here we will give you a complete and detailed review of this program.

What is the product?

Off The floor is a product that can help you to give massive deadlifts while piling bulks of muscles on your arms, shoulders, traps and back.

Thus, it will aid you to improve yourself in deadlifting to a great extent. If your deadlift numbers are constant and are not moving up, this program is the only solution to this problem. Thus, it is rightly called Off The Floor A Manual For Deadlift Domination.

Who is the Author?

The author of this program is David Dellanave. David was initially a skinny nerd of computers from Minnesota who discovered a unique and an innovative technique that raised the numbers of his deadlift from 245 lbs to 600 lbs.

In the process he gained a lot of muscles across his chest, back, arms and shoulders. The Fitocracy team had two members that had decided to give him an ear and listen to him.

The result was that they started begging David Dellanave to create a group with a specific motive of fitness.

What is Included in the Program?

Everything included in this program are highly beneficial to its users. Some contents of Off The Floor are as follows:-

  • Guidance and instructions on following the method that helped David and his clients to make significant and fast gains in their lives.
  • A customized nutrition plan that will help in supporting the user’s strength and changes they are undergoing physically.
  • Feedback and adjustments on the user’s training that is mostly based on his or her progress.
  • Constant access to David’s support in the form of google hangouts and a private community.

How Does It Work?

Off The Floor is a guide that will educate the users to learn anything and everything about deadlifting. There are no specific working processes but the author’s experience on this subject is right up there.

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If the procedures and contents are followed properly, the user’s muscles can be strengthened. Quads, the lower back, spinal erectors, hamstrings, the upper and middle trapezius, calves, forearms, delts and lats are the muscles that can be strengthened by following the techniques.

For making proper use of this program it is important to follow all the instructions and contents given by the author.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for This Product?

The ideal candidates of the Off The Floor A Manual For Deadlift Domination are the people who want to learn the best methods and ways to do deadlifting by themselves.

If you are having the above mentioned issues with your muscles, then it becomes mandatory to get this program because it will help you in getting rid of all those pains just by following a few deadlifting steps and procedures.


The pros of this program are as follows:

  • A well researched information is available in large quantity.
  • The information is well- designed with a nice layout
  • The users can find it very easy to read. Many users and readers have successfully got through all the 90 pages in just about 35 minutes.
  • If you are a user of Off The Floor A Manual For Deadlift Domination, then you will get pumped up significantly to start working it out.
  • There is also an incredible customer service available. There were a few edits needed at the time after it was published, but Dellanave jumped right on time and made all the changes. In no time there were new copies for download.
  • The setting up of each lift has been explained in detail.
  • A sample week of training is also available to the users.
  • You as a user will also get a supplement guide, biofeedback training course, a 60 minute audio conversation between Bret Contreras and David Dallanave.
  • Information relating to the frequency, volume and load is available. This information is very easy to digest regardless of your experience.
  • This book is an essential commodity on your tool box in case you are an avid and passionate exerciser or a strength coach.

The Cons

The few manageable cons of this program are as follows:

  • Dellanave has written about a lot of lifts which might make it difficult for you to test all those lifts as you would not have enough time in a week.

Does the Product Work?

The product obviously works, as the dead lifting numbers can significantly rise, just like David Dellanave who reached 600 lbs in no time.

Based on various reviews from the users, Off The Floor is the best book for dead lifting. Everything has been explained in detail and there is no scope of error from the users.

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If you are interested in weight training by lifting dead weights, then Off The Floor A Manual for Deadlift Domination is an ideal book and also highly rated by many experts and researchers.

It might be safe to say that it is highly recommended and safe to follow all the instructions given in Off The Floor. People who want to build massive muscles by enormous deadlifts then Off The Floor is a safe and interesting choice.

This product will cost you just 49$ and it will provide a complete value for your money.