Shoulder Flexibility Solution Reviews

Shoulder and neck pain, aching shoulders and stiff muscles can restrict your everyday activities and also make you feel old.

Moreover, lack of strength can lead to severe injuries. It is important that you improve your flexibility and range of motion for smooth movement and performance.

Static stretching is not an effective way to improve long-term flexibility. Shoulder Flexibility Solution allows you to unlock stiff muscles and perform your daily activities without pain, restrictions or injuries.

What is Shoulder Flexibility Solution all about?

The program targets issues associated with tight shoulders such as bad posture, forward head, rotator cuff issues, neck pain and tightness, nerve impingements, difficulty in reaching overhead and doing overhead exercises and also inability to touch your arms behind your back.

Unlike static stretching,3D Flexibility system is a longlasting solution that improves dynamic movements without straining ligaments which can cause traumatic joint damage.

The six-step procedures address all factors that can lead to stiff muscles. It enables you to get a long-term relief and to lead a high-quality life. It is a scientific and proven program.

The creator of Shoulder Flexibility Solution

Eric Wong is the mastermind behind this program. He is a strength and conditioning coach for combat athletes. He has trained a lot of people through his online programs since 2008.

He devised the program after experimenting on himself and other athletes.

What does the program include?

The program has six routines.

Behind the back routine: Difficulty in touching your back is a clear indication that you have restrictions in various areas such as the shoulders and also lack of control and strength. This routine enables a person to touch hands behind the back by freeing restricted tissues and enhancing functional strength.

The forward head posture routine: Helps obtain the head’s neutral position eventually making the jaw, spine, and neck healthy. Helps attain proper posture hence promoting physical health.

The overhead routine: Improves the range of motion and overhead reach. It focuses on the core, shoulder and thoracic spine. Having overhead reach problems can lead to tendonitis and nerve impingements.

The rounded shoulders routine: Spending a lot of time sitting while driving or at work can lead to degenerative discs and a reduction in flexibility and strength. This routine helps you fix rounded shoulders.

The winged scapula routine: Winged scapula is an indication of instability of shoulder blade. It can reduce strength and expose you to injury risks. This routine activates and integrates subscapularis and serratus anterior hence fixing the problem.

The pre-fixed workout shoulder: It increases shoulder mobility and also ensures activation of shoulder’s stabilizer muscles. This is vital in shoulder safety during intense exercises. Performing this routine before workouts will make you use less effort and lift more.

How does the program work?

The shoulder flexibility program incorporates six steps to ensure that you get the desired results. It is less strenuous and uses little time. It tackles shoulder problems in the following steps.

1. Joint mobilization

The first step of this program is joint mobilization. At this stage, the program addresses your motion capabilities of the joints by incorporating workouts that directly targets joint capsule. This improves flexibility.

2. Address tissue quality

This step helps improve blood flow by addressing the quality of the muscle tissue. Good blood flow is important since it brings oxygen, nutrients, and minerals that heal muscles which eventually enhances flexibility.

3. Deactivate overactive muscles

Overactive muscles can ruin posture and also hinder flexibility. They can also make your muscles stiff and underworked. This stage deactivates overactive muscles and also induces uniform muscle movement.

4. New cross bridges

Strengthening the neuromuscular system improves strength maintenance. This step gives you the required tools to create new cross bridges.

5. Stabilization

This stage involves the strengthening of the motion muscles. Here, you continue building strength so that the muscles can handle motion.

6. Functional Integration

After gaining the range of motion and strength, you need to integrate them into specific movements so that they can be hardwired into the nervous system.


  1. Helps in the prevention of shoulder injury and also recovery.
  2. Requires less time
  3. It is convenient. Its digital format makes the program cheap.
  4. It has a money-back guarantee of one year. This shows the professionalism and confidence.
  5. It is comprehensive. It covers the neck, core muscles, and spine.
  6. The creator has a lot of experience

Who are the ideal candidates for the Product?

The product targets people experiencing all form of body strains while having simple training. Particularly, when you’re feeling stiff to perform duties, basics exercise, perhaps this is the ideal fit for you.

Some people also find it stressful to participate in yoga and other new fitness program aimed at melting the stubborn body fat or get ripped six packs thus shoulders flexibility solution help to relieve your body tension to get into exercise effectively.

When individuals want to be more flexible while handling the gymnastics or participate in ballet dancing, then trying out this program is the right way to go.

Some people are known to work on less engaging task like office jobs. They eventually develop fatigue as their body become rigid, therefore if these people perhaps consider flexibility solution; they’ll loosen enough for better body performance.

Does the Product Work?

The strategic approach of 3D flexibility system is well designed to deal with shoulder stiffness and poor joint stability.

Shoulder flexibility helps in strengthening through its ability to control and restore complete body muscles relaxation.

The system provides a convenient solution when the recommended procedure is put in place. A person is required to take approximately 15 minutes daily for about six days to make it work well.

After a week of this program, a person feels lighter and become more flexible. When you get used to it, you will eventually be flexible enough to start gymnastics with no strain or pain.


Shoulder flexibility program is an essential online technique that provides a better understanding of how the human body operates.

Generally, when looking forward to living a tension free life, you need to start this program to help you engage in gaming activities no matter its level of fitness it demands.

Why wait until it’s too late? Start the 3D program to keep away all sorts of shoulder pains and live a life free from muscle soreness.