Specforce Abs Reviews

With the unhealthy food habit and fast lifestyle, most people are on their way to lose the body shape early. There are multiple ways in which body shape can be regained.

It all starts with the abs. The traditional abs exercises are tiresome and boring. Is there a workout that will be fun, fast, and easy to follow? We will find out in the SpecForce Abs Review.

What Is This Product All About?

SpecForce Abs is a program build by Special Forces member. The name reveals exactly what it does. A workout routine that enhances weight loss.

A fat burning program that gives fit, strong and sexy abs at the end. The product has utilized five factors that lead to easier flat abs without tiresome workouts.

With the focus on core development, the program claims to provide perfectly chiseled abs in a record time.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The author of the program is a tactical fitness consultant, Todd Lamb. He is trained in Special Forces and now is mentor to some very famous personalities.

He developer SpecForce when he himself wanted to get back in shape. He has great abs and a true embodiment of his own program. He has experience in fitness and health and his experience has helped carve this program.

What Is Included In The Program?

This program teaches 5 abs training factors. The program is a solution to the boring workouts. No crunches orab workouts. The program is designed to work perfectly without any side effects. The program includes the following:

1. SpecForce Abs for Men/Women:

This is the main PDF. It additionally packs bonus tweaks for extra nutrition.

2. Quick Start Guide

A small information guide to get the readers up to speed with what the program is going to offer.

3. Daily Workouts

This pdf help you to remember which workout to follow. It helps to remember when to do a particular workout. The pdf is only 29 pages in size but holds lots of crucial information.

4. Bonus Fix and Flatten Your Gut guide

Traditional exercises cause gut inflammation and bloating. This bonus guide explains the reasons behind it and the solutions to avoid it.

5. Bonus Blue Jeans Perfect Butt Solution guide

An additional workout guide for those who are also looking for a better butt to complement their flat abs.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

Todd with his extensive understanding of fitness puts in all his knowledge in developing this program. He has divided the ab muscles into three different fields of action.

This ensures that each group of muscles can be equally addressed. This method is proven scientifically.

The muscle groups identified are

1. Rectus abdominis

The muscle that starts from the pelvis to the rib cage. It is separated horizontally by attachments full of tendons. Tissues on the vertical range, together they form the popular six pack abs.

2. internal and external obliques

These muscle groups give the slim waist look. Or what we know as theV-tapered look. This is attractive in both the genders equally.

3. Posterior chain

The lower back, the butt, hamstrings, etc. together comprise the posterior chain.

These target muscle groups are the gateway to perfectly fit, flat and strong abs. It is a scientifically accepted approach and Todd has found a way to nurture this muscles without stressing the rest of the body.

The following is the summary of what the program packs with respect to the exercise.

1. Abdominal Armoring:

The aim of this is to create a virtual body armor. This increases the cores strength and it is the foundation for rest of the development. This part of the program focuses on creating the stiffness of muscles in all three abdominal fields of action.

2. Asset Staking:

This set of exercises help in developing flat and strong abs. It combines activation of the posterior chain along with Oblique and Rectus.

3. Fixed Angle Contraction:

This ensures a faster way to flat abs.

4. TQ Work Ups:

TQ workups of Tissue Quality workups are designed for improving the tissue in the abdominal field. There are multiple stages in these work ups andit provides the foundation to progress to the next stage.

5. Strategic Target Selection:

This helps in increasing the muscle activation in the lower abs by more than 70%

What are the pros?

The SpecForce abs program packs a lot of information and promises to provide its readers with flat abs. Those who have gone through the program have mentioned the following things to have worked for them.

1. No boring workouts

Admit it, Sit-ups, plank and crunches are boring exercises.

SpecForce lets you move away from those and perform a far more effective, immersive, and fun set of exercises.

2. No age or gender limit

The course only focusses on output. It is designed for people across age groups and genders. People old and young, men and women all can take advantage. This program provides a holistic approach towards getting fitter.

3. Easy to follow

The course is completely digital. This means everything inside is yours to download. PDFs and Videos inclusive. This is what separates the program from other fitness products.

4. Money Back Guarantee

The program comes with a no frills 60-day money back guarantee.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The ideal candidate for SpecForce Abs is anyone who wants a fitter body. A person who is looking to get flat abs but do not have the time to go through rigorous training.

It is also for those who have tried different methods earlier and failed to see any results.

Does The Product Work?

Out of thousands of fitness programs out there, only a few are effective. What SpecForce excels in is that it is designed by a SWAT team member.

The Special Forces are known for strict and specific regimes. This makes SpecForce Abs a product that cannot be easily matched by another.

The program shows its intent to do what is required without fooling around. The approach is very specific. Follow what is given and obtain results. Nothing more or nothing less.


SpecForce Abs is the most effective workout plan available for flat abs. In just six weeks’ time, SpecForce promises to deliver what no other product on the market can dare to claim.

And all of that comes with sweet no questions asked money back guarantee. It can’t get any better.