Specforce Alpha Reviews

If you are one of the people who want to know about the Specforce Alpha, you may check out this review. Discover for yourself on what do you think about this unique fitness program as a health regimen.

What is this product all about?

Specforce Alpha involves a fitness system that can let you achieve the dream of a ripped, muscular body and six-packed abs. The company calls this as the alpha shape effect, one of the wildest dreams of most men in the society today.

No need to resort to any complicated instruments and other complex machines. If you want to achieve your goal as soon as possible, you may want to check out this fitness system. You only need extreme perseverance and sheer determination to lose weight all throughout the program.

Who is the Author or Creator?

Todd Lamb is the creator of this fitness program under the Rogue Syndicate, Inc. He always wished to be an elite operator back, but the disbandment of the unit made him sad. He left the military afterward with a broken heart and senseless direction in life.

When he decided to enter the elite SWAT team, he found it hard to comply with the physical requirements. When he finally observed the techniques in the field, he discovered the great loophole in the methods of savvy operators.

Even though he is now the leader of the leading SWAT team, he also served as the fitness expert who willingly shares the techniques to men and let them achieve their desired alpha-shaped body.

What is included in the program?

Specforce Alpha shares the methods that can make you transform your physique to the one in your wildest dreams.

The main training guide includes a 7-day Specforce Alpha workout schedules and the system of building the stealth target muscles.

It also checks your progress through a customized macronutrient profile while you can train yourself with the meticulous video coaching.

They present this program as the unique system of proper Spec Ops training techniques. These methods can give you maximum fat burning effect, full body rock hard-working muscles, while also can let you attain the ripped upper, middle, and lower abs.

They are also exclusively offering such as the 7-day testosterone solution, the Black Ops Macroflex Diet App, and the Alpha Status Handbook.

The first one tackles the nutrition and supplementation that you can use to boost your testosterone levels naturally immediately.

Discover the inclusions such as the vegetable that can reverse the effect of estrogen and prevent its dominance in the body.

You can determine the seafood that boosts virility and drink the powerhouse that promotes anabolism. In the second one, the app can help you accurately find the nutrition necessities to reduce fat and gain muscle.

You can now easily track it through listing everything that you consume during the week. Lastly, they also provide the guide to make you look masculine than your expectations.

You can follow it through the 10-second black ops trick. Soon, you now walk into the room with a good posture and a positive outlook in life. They tend to include it as the bonus gifts within the limited time of promos.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

The company adopts this program based on the styles in the military training. The creator gets this information from his military background. They guarantee the safety of our clients while letting them attain their goals of an alpha male body in the future.

When you start this training, you build your muscles through soft, puffy, or hard lean types like an MMA fighter. You can achieve these muscles called the myofibrillar hypertrophy, which is the primary goal of the fitness system. They will help you make it through a series of training sessions based on the guidelines.

This program may also help you improve the state of your mind and esteem to gain confidence for yourself. You can also train yourself to reach the endurance and the flexibility. The healthy exercise of both body and mind can lead you to live a wonderful life in the future.

In contrast with the speculations, it is not considered as a scam as the vigorous training can eventually lead people to achieve target physique of an alpha male in the society. However, others may find it different and try to adapt with the sessions all throughout the program.

List Pros

  1. Helps you achieve your dream of rock-hard physiques
  2. Aids on fat burning and muscle building techniques
  3. No usage of any traditional equipment
  4. Careful trains both of your body and your mind
  5. Monitors your progress through the macronutrient profile
  6. Naturally increases your testosterone and growth hormones
  7. Helps you achieve the body that can attract men and women
  8. Amount of food is not a problem (so eat like you always do!)
  9. Assists you to maintain proper nutrition
  10. Offers detailed video coaching for a comprehensive training program
  11. 100% safety guarantee for everyone
  12. 100% money-back guarantee

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the Product?

As much as possible, they encourage everyone to try this program if they wish to attain the alpha male body. People can achieve their target body if they just put it into their minds and let their eyes set on the prize.

However, they also state that these men must never give up on their goals. They make sure that every person who avails the program is healthy enough to undergo the vigorous training.

Does the Product Work?

There are mixed customer reviews as some people get better results in their physiques while others experience failure and disappointment.

In some cases, this program may not be for you as there are several factors to consider in this type of fitness system. Other means of exercising may help you lose your weight, but you can say that this program is worth the risk for a healthy life in the future.

The company also gives a disclaimer for any possible injuries and risks during the workout sessions. If this program fails to satisfy you, they can return your payment through the 100% money-back guarantee.


If you are currently suffering from heart and respiratory diseases, you may consult your doctor to approve you take this type of training.

If not, tendencies are that you may not be fit as a trainee for this fitness program. The company may allow you to pursue this type of training once the medical records give you a signal to proceed.

Nevertheless, the Rogue Syndicate, Inc will recommend everyone to undergo this type of fitness regimen and achieve the best results for their mind and body in the future!