TestoGen Reviews

As you will discover, when you start looking for the most efficient testosterone boosters available on the market; they are indeed available in an array of varieties. Some are effective, others are way less than ideal.

Some may at times sound as if they are a great idea only to find out later that they were really much more of a well done marketing campaign.


It is important to understand that testosterone boosters can only be termed as excellent, only if they have a perfect combination for offering the best results.

The following review seeks to deeply examine the composition, benefits, pricing and the common downsides of one such testosterone boosters: Testogen.

What is it?

Testogen is testosterone booster designed and manufactured by Olympia Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is important in reproductive and sexual development.

Generally, the level of this hormone tends to go down gradually as the age of an individual increases. It is also important to understand to understand that this hormone starts to develop just before birth.

The production of this hormone in the body is usually at pick level during puberty when young males are undergoing puberty. The role of this booster, therefore, is to help all men that are faced with sex related problems such as low libido and reduced muscle development.

How it works

Well, it is important to note that the booster comes in powder form as opposed to other boosters that are commonly manufactured in form of pills.

As such, you only require having one scoop in a day and you will be good to go. This is definitely not the only thing that makes it makes it unique.

Upon being absorbed into the bloodstream, Testogen starts to work immediately by interacting with the Leydig cells to that are responsible for production of testosterone hormone in males.

Production of this hormone in the body in turn causes various physiological and physical changes. At the end of it all, men faced with low libido and underdeveloped muscles begin to realize its amazing benefits.

Is it really a scam?

Testogen is not in any way a kind of scam. First of all, most of the people who have previously used it confess that it really had meaningful results that positively transformed their lives.

In fact, there are thousands of reviews available on the internet, all in support of this precious booster. More so, it has been clinically checked and tested by relevant authorities to ensure safety and its stated purpose.

However, like with most other drugs and supplements, Testogen has not managed to escape the some harsh statements from critics. Some of these critics claim to have previously used this booster only to realize little or no results.

Such criticism finds support of some sort from the manufacturer’s claim of the booster being ‘Natural'. In addition, there are also some other claims concerning this product that the company has not yet addressed.



The excellent performance of this booster can largely be attributed to its combination of superb ingredients. The ingredients have been studied and found to possess numerous benefits in the body of male human being.

They include the following; Nitric Oxide and testosterone boosters, Taurine, L-Carnitine Tartrate, horny goat weed, nettles-green tea extract Calcium D-Glucarate, vitamin D, Agmatine, D-Aspartic Acid and AstraGin Root.

It is important to understand that this is first testosterone booster in the world that makes use of a concentrated nitrous oxide inhibitor.

What are its pros?

  • Plays a very crucial role of improving libido and overall sexual stimulation in men.
  • It offers amazing and noticeable results with a short period of time.
  • Aids in the reduction the excess fats contained in body muscles.
  • It plays an important role of supporting the development of lean muscles.
  • It is available in a variety of flavors. The new strawberry lemonade flavor incorporated in the booster is pretty good and sweet as opposed to other boosters. This was one of the best things the manufacturer did in order to mask the harsh bitter taste of the DAA elements contained in it.
  • It is much easier to take evening during the mornings when one is on an empty stomach.
  • It is highly suitable for all activities that call for strength endurance and stamina.
  • It is available in powder form therefore making it easy for swallowing and absorption.

Side effects

Being a testosterone booster, Testogen comes with an array of possible side effects especially in older men. In a credible study carried out to determine its probable downsides, a number of things emerged.

It has been shown to cause a reduction in sperm count and enlargement of the prostate gland in some people. Other side effects that may result when taking this booster include; testicular atrophy, liver damage, development of gynescomastia, acne and suppression of other important hormones.

For one to realize meaningful results when using this product, it is important to avoid taking it along with other supplements or drugs. There should be no cause of alarm should you at any one time skip a dose, because it is completely a natural supplement.

Where to buy it

It is quite clear that there are some cartels and conmen out there with a motive of making money from unsuspecting persons. This is especially trough the sale of counterfeit drugs and supplements that can be of devastating effects on the health of an individual.

There such illegal business is commonly carried through websites that are providing fake drugs and supplements at relatively lower prices.

This being the case, it is advisable to buy your own Testogen booster directly from the official manufacturer’s website. Other reputable sites that sell this product include Amazon, GNC and Walamrt.


The price of this supplement slightly differs depending on the website you buy it from. However, one will only need to have around $50 to buy the supplement from the manufacturer’s website.

Its price is however slightly higher when purchased from the other three online shopping sites, averaging at $55.