The Truth About Abs Review

With the increase in consumption of processed foods that are high in saturated fats and added sugars, many individuals continuously accumulate fat in their body tissues.

Despite overweight being regarded by some as being healthy, the truth is that overweight has been associated with a number of body complications such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, obesity and diabetes.


Due to association of excess body weight with such disorders, many individuals are trying out different tactics with an aim of shedding the extra pound.

If you are one such individual who is fed up of looking out-of-shape the Truth About Abs program by Mike Geary has the right solution for you.

Scientific analysis and customer feedbacks have shown that this is the only program which is facilitating interested individuals to build six packs through effective muscle building tactics and healthy diet.

In the Mike Geary Truth About Abs reviews you will come across shocking facts of attaining six packs Abs through regular exercises and natural diet.

Who is Mike Geary?

The program Truth About Abs has been designed and formulated by a personal trainer and a qualified nutritionist Mike Geary. When it comes to fitness and health, Mike Geary has established his personality and this has made him so popular.

According to Mike Geary who has been a personal trainer of many celebrities, the program does not promise overnight results but with dedication and commitment to the scientific facts provided, the program will help you develop six packs Abs, reduce fat, accumulate lean muscles and lead a healthy lifestyle.

How Truth About Abs Works

Mike Geary Truth About Abs program has been effective for many since one does not need to depend on weight loss machines or supplements which claim to facilitate weight loss.

To begin with, the program at the start provides a list of highly nutritious foods which you are supposed to include in your diet plan.

Secondly, the program provides basic workout plan which you need to follow at short intense interval training. When healthy foods are consumed and intense training abided to, the body's metabolism increases.

This transforms your body into a 24/7 fat burning machine. The theory behind this is that when metabolism increases, the available calories are quickly utilized leaving the body without an option other than to turn to the stored fat so as to balance the energy output.

When you consistently follow this program, your body loses an adequate amount of weight and at the same time the lean muscles start developing.

The workout and diet plan emphasized in this program has been designed to target the belly region and this facilitates in building of six packs.


However, to achieve a positive result, it is important to remain fully committed to the program and follow all the advices and information provided.

Who will benefit from the program?

Any individual interested in getting six packs and losing weight naturally without using weight loss and muscle building supplements can benefit from this program.

All what matters is your effort and commitment towards the program. The program has been made accessible to all in a PDF format. This is important since you can easily download it in your PC and read it at the comfort of your home.

Although the program has been designed to target belly region so as to reduce abdominal fat and build Abs at the same time, the truth is that it is a complete body development program that will allow you to reap a lot of benefits from highly nutritious foods suggested.

Inside view of the program

At the beginning of the program, Mike Geary has provided comprehensive information about developing six packs and healthy foods that are scientifically known to boost metabolism.

As you go deeper into the program, you will come across an effective diet plan that is formulated to keep the body healthy and boost metabolism.

In addition, the program provides workout plan that is designed to stimulate the development of lean muscles and increase the metabolism of the stored fat.

Furthermore, Mike has pointed out some of the real sources of saturated fat that has been a great problem to the society. To prevent such a problem, he has provided good sources of healthy fats that will boost the body functionality.

Although Mike Geary Truth About Abs program has received a lot of recommendations and positive user feedbacks, it does not mean that it is complete program without negative sidelines.

In order to achieve your targeted results, it is important to understand a program pros and cons before using it. This is important as it will help you to understand whether the program is effective and your investment in terms of money and time is not wasted.

For that reason, here are a number of pros and cons of this program.


  • The program offers 60-days money back guarantee
  • Since 2007, the program has remained to be the best selling muscle building and weight loss program in the market
  • Provides a burst interval training workouts
  • Suitable for both men and women who are interested in losing weight and building lean muscles
  • Provides scientifically proven and effective diet plan that composes of highly nutritious foods which will boost metabolism and at the same time leave the body healthy.


  • The program does not provide any forum that will provide motivation to those using the program for the very first time
  • The exercises are provided inform of pictures which may be difficult to implement


Bottom Line

If at all you want to build six packs, lose adequate amount of weight and at the same time maintain a healthy lifestyle, then Mike Geary Truth About Abs program is the best program to go for.

This is a muscle building and a fat burning program that is helping men and women to regain back their body shape within a short duration of few weeks to months depending with one’s commitment.

The program can be trusted as it is providing money back guarantee. This is an important feature that returns your money in case you realize the program is not effective.