Visual Impact Muscle Building Reviews

The list for muscle building solutions could easily go on and on. It shows just how big and diverse this industry is but also how demanding.

If athletes are to succeed no matter what sports they choose, and be highly competent as well, they need some form of muscle building product to sustain well in their arena.

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Who is the Author?

With Visual Impact Muscle Building formula, men and women now have an opportunity to build their muscles and help themselves define and sculpt their body image – claims its founder, Rusty Moore.

It should go without saying that a good muscle building technique should be resourceful. consistent, adaptable, and free of side effects.

There may well be hundreds of muscle building drugs that meet some of these adjectives, but believe it or not, these drugs and pills are more harmful in the long run which is fully contrast to the results they produce within a short period of time.

Moreover, these drugs demand people to take them consistently or make them addicts. Important components of Visual Impact eBook include gaining muscles through intensified weight training techniques that were once used by athletes but were forgotten with the advent of new solutions.

This eBook has 72 pages of information dedicated to provide useful muscle building techniques for readers. It also gives information on some customized techniques in order to build muscles that are often overlooked.

Overall, the eBook is an essence of a six month program aimed at transforming your body from dull appearance to a sexy lean figure with muscles.

What is included in the program?

The points set out in the first couple of pages are universal, but the information here is almost certainly not comprehensive enough to come to a conclusion.

As you read on, you will have fun adding your own exercise programs for your dream muscular body. In the first phase, Moore has created a plan that makes your muscles grow as big as possible by pushing your entire body to new limits.

It may just be that the most important question at this point for most people is “Do you really need to push that hard in the beginning?” The answer from him of course is mostly yes.

This could be very depressing for beginners who haven't exercised in their life but suddenly want to try out the program. For as long as I have been to gym I have been attracted to the idea of setting new limits every day with my exercise routine.

You just have to look at your own energy to know your limits here.

How Does the Subsequent Parts Work?

The second part of the exercise program talks about ideal physique people want to achieve without looking odd. It also talks about where people can be in terms of their understanding about how the program works and not where they assume they are.

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Despite the apparent simplicity of what the author tries to say, it is an area where people may mistaken the idea. The author asks to target on the exercise program and not worry about the puffy look that some muscle builders have got.

And the third phase of the program is about shrink wrap effect. It is when the fat from the body wears off making a person appear thin and lean and the skin becomes so tight that the muscles are seen through the skin.

This point is particularly crucial for building muscles because it talks about the type of food you are supposed to eat at this stage or manipulate your fluid, potassium and carbohydrate intake. People have to follow it just right – not easy, but challenging.

The author targets at transforming the body of a person from his or her present look into Hollywood type look. He invites readers' participation in following the programs.

Apart from deciding not to scare or perhaps bore people with too many words, he creates a pretty detailed manual that is both interesting and informational.

This eBook contains around 200 exercises in total and each exercise is presented through images and text. Read your copy and you will be in favor of his explaining style.

It may sound too clumsy or hard to digest, but workout the beginning few exercises that are more enjoyable and involve in it as long as you can. If not the Hollywood look, you will sure to get a healthy body.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the Product?

Words alone don't make for good muscle building program. It is how you use them that counts. However, the book fails to powerfully put the reasons behind those exercise steps to move the reader from reading to action.

For those who desire to see things in a quick way, to achieve a great body quickly and easily, this book is definitely not their savior. The programs here require plenty of work and commitment on your part to reach the ultimate goal.

The eBooks' goal is to deliver information about the benefits of weight training and endurance exercises. Regular exercise of these types keep people in touch with their body, energy and keep them informed about how well it reacts to everyday needs.

If you are irregular in doing these exercises, be aware that the result cannot be reached. Of course we all invest more in quick-fix, but few really understand the positive impact of long term goals and exercise programs like this.

The Visual Muscle Building eBook requires your dedication and time and nothing else in return apart from the up-front cost for purchasing the book. Here it pays to have a lot of patience as well.

In a nutshell, these are some pros and cons derived after reading this eBook:


  • The author is spot on when he says that muscle building is all about time and dedication
  • This book is more cost-effective than any other weight-loss or muscle building solutions in the market
  • There are absolutely no side-effects unless you are hurting yourself during weight training
  • The findings in this book are based on painstaking research with groups of personal trainers over many years


  • Not a quick-fix as some people expect
  • Not for people suffering from health conditions such as heart diseases, asthma, arthritis and other respiratory ailments.



If losing fat is the key to building muscles then it really is essential that you follow this program if you want to get that svelte figure. The level of advice offered here is appropriate for a healthy person with some experience in the gym.