Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Reviews

There are so many men out there from all walks of life that feel like they have passed their prime, deal with recurring injuries and don’t have the energy to really keep in shape. Does this sound like you?

Older men can be just as powerful, versatile and healthy regardless of their current shape or weight. It’s all about the way that you train. The Warrior BodyWeight Challenge is designed to reprogram your muscles for a healthier and more beneficial workout.

In no time at all, you can start to see and feel the difference in the way that you are working your muscles. Most work out programs only focuses on repetitive movements that when not properly done can lose a lot of their effectiveness. This program teaches you how to train your brain and your muscles to work, build and heal like never before.

What Is This Warrior Bodyweight Challenge All About?

Unlike exercise regimens that have you doing a large number of settings to increased levels of weight, the Warrior Challenge taught your body how to more effectively use those exercises to your muscular advantage.

For men who have fallen out of shape, who have gained weight and lost mobility because of injury or men that are just tired of aching muscles and fatigue.

With this Challenge, you can learn to take more beneficial control of your muscles, gain balance and develop stronger endurance. Proper performance of exercise moves is the best way to reduce your needed reps.

Who Is The Creator?

When the doctors told Helder Gomes that he was no longer “fit for service” in the marines and that he would have to just accept his limitations from his multiple injuries, he was convinced there had to be another way.

After gaining a lot of excess weight and wrestling with his self-confidence, he decided it was time to try and get in better shape.

He quickly found that all of the top workout programs are primarily designed for younger people in good physical condition.

For anyone that is a bit older or struggling with mobility, these types of vigorous workouts can be impossible to handle.

Gomes decided to start researching a better way for older bodies that were out of shape or limited to improve their health and fitness.

He studied everything that was available, spoke to experts in the science and fitness industries, learned about the methods of elite athletes and tried a few different things hands on.

After studying several disciplines in the martial arts, practicing yoga and somatic exercises and weightlifting techniques.

With all of this new information and experience, he started to put together a program that not only helped improve your fitness but used a directed energy theology to center your muscular efforts where they will achieve maximum results.

What Is Included In The Program?

When you register for the Warrior Bodyweight Challenge you will become part of an elite group of combat-fit men who have surpassed their own expectations at many different ages.

You will receive 4 illustrated guidebooks including the Main Bodyweight Challenge Intro, Powered Breathing, Intestinal Fortitude and Supportive Nutrition that will lead you through your program.

Each book comes with its own DVD loaded with tips from the creator, extra workouts and challenges.

How Does It Work?

The theory behind the Warrior Bodyweight Challenge is that each of our muscular movements when slowed down and isolated, can gain faster strength and endurance.

With classic workouts, you are taught that straining your muscles is the only way to see results but that couldn’t be more wrong.

During his research, Gomes realized that part of what was missing from workouts was the precision and focus on the muscle movement itself. He says it’s similar to yoga positions in the sense that even while staying still you are still working your muscles.

Is It A Scam?

The Warrior BodyWeight Challenge is the real deal and has been successfully used by thousands of people around the world.

Since its emergence and the immediate success that followed, there have been many copycat programs that have come online. The only way to really guarantee that you are getting the authentic package is to purchase it directly from the website.


  1. Fast changes in muscle tone and strength with less effort
  2. Lose excess and unhealthy body weight
  3. Improve overall endurance and strength
  4. Drastically improve energy levels
  5. Heightened self-esteem and confidence levels

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Warrior Bodyweight Challenge?

If you are a man who is feeling like you are just past you are prime and that your body has seen it’s last good days then this program is for you.

If you have injuries that have limited your activity levels and you have given up on exercise then the Warrior Challenge can help you prove to the doubters and your doctors that you are still in the game.

Even if life and the years have just snuck up on you and you are realizing that your body just isn’t moving and healing the same way that it used to then this Challenge can help you get your strength and mobility back.

As with any exercise program, you should consult with your doctor to see if they think this is a safe activity for you.

Don’t let your doctors discourage you as they did with Helder Gomes when they told him that he should just not try to use his arm too much and accept that he was destined for an immobile life.

There is always something that you can do to maintain your fitness regardless of injury if you are willing to put in the work.

Does the Warrior Bodyweight Challenge Work?

For anyone who has the drive to learn a new way of concentrated exercising, this program can work for you. If you still feel the power and vitality inside you but can’t get it out, this Challenge is exactly what you may need.

Learn to adjust your mindset to a new way of looking at things and your muscles will surprise you with how they react. You will need to stay focused, energized and have the drive to succeed farther than you can imagine.

This is not a program filled with mindless, repetitive movements that can actually do more harm than good. If you are just plowing through each movement to get them done, you are not actually using the proper form to reap all the muscular benefits from that movement.

Each individual movement in this program is designed to focus on your muscles in the exact way that will accelerate your results without causing any damage.


Just because on the calendar you may be “out of your prime”, doesn’t mean it’s time to quit living life. It’s easy to start to give up when your body starts acting differently than it used to.

Age and injury can affect your flexibility, amount of excess weight you are carrying, your endurance and your quality of life.

Talk to your doctor or physiotherapist about adding the Bodyweight Challenge to your routine and get back out there and live your life like a Warrior.