The search for chiseled chest and sleeve-busting biceps had led lifters to try everything under the sun to gain more muscle mass and see better results.

All the new cutting-edge muscle building techniques that are now emerging have led us to forget on simple thing-what actually works. Real training program should always be based on results, which refers to putting huge amounts of mass.


There are so many training programs out there that promise you big returns on your training investment. Many focus on relatively little training volume with big results while others promise big gains with high training volume.

It’s really hard to find a workout program that really works.

To transform your physique and actually build muscle, let’s have a close look at top 5 tips that pass out litmus test–results.

Mechanical Advantage Drop Sets

Our muscular system works as a series of pulleys and livers that consistently move joints during workouts. As such, some exercises give your muscles a more of an advantage.

For example, wide grip pull-ups are tougher than close grip pull-ups mainly due to the position of your muscles and limbs involved.

You can easily capitalize on this very concept by starting from weaker positions and moving towards the stronger positions as you fatigue to experience a whole new world of exhaustion.

To use mechanical advantage drop sets in your daily routine, choose an exercise as a finisher at the end of your workout, such as pull-ups. Start with wide-grip and try to perform as many as possible.

When you’re exhausted, immediately shift to parallel grip with your palms facing each other and continue. After that, you can shift to chin-up grip and crank out a few more. Apply this same method to back squats and bench press.

Rest-Pause Sets

To produce hypertrophy, training volume is very important. Putting sufficient stimulus for muscle growth is imperative if you rally want to see some result.

Rest-pause training can work by having a lifter perform few reps, racking up the weight for 10 seconds, and then un-racking it and continuing the work.

This can continue for several sets. This training is very effective for mass gain because it allows you to approach fatigue quickly while allowing you to get in more of the reps.

Time Under Tension Training

Time under tension is definitely a vital component when adding mass to your frame. It’s a difference in making some exercises feel more difficult or not.

The key to success is to take your tempo to the next level. Start by aiming 20-30 seconds per set with each rep lasting four to five seconds.

You can keep it to eight to ten reps per set. You can ask a buddy to use a stopwatch and hold you accountable for entire length of your set. Now rest 80-100 seconds and repeat.



Include supersets in your current workout program to increase fatigue and density of certain muscle groups. Complexes can take this particular concept to the next level.

By starting with four to five exercises in a row, you can easily compound fatigue on some muscle groups leading to insane stimulus for muscle growth.

To incorporate complexes in your daily routine, choose groups of muscles you wish to target. For instance, you can begin with chest group. Choose four (intermediate) or three (advanced) exercises according to the following layout:

Isolation Exercises – 10-14 reps (Example- Cable Chest Fly)
Strength Exercises – 7-9 reps (Example- Dumbbell Bench Press)
Power exercises – 4-8 reps (Example- Clapping Push-ups)
Bodyweight Fatigue Exercises – As many reps as possible (Example- Close Grip Push-ups)

Concentrate on your Diet

  1. You know protein builds muscle so increase its intake. You should also reduce fat-burning carbs if you want to stay lean. Drink at least a gallon or more of water if you’re active. Fish is a good source of protein that you should consume regularly if you want to build muscle. Unlike fatty proteins, fish provides host of health benefits. Sardines and salmon, for instance, are great source of omega-3 fatty acids. They assist in muscle recovery and support the immune system, in addition to many other benefits. Regardless of the phase of your training or diet goals, you should take at least ten ounces of fatty fish at least thrice a week.
  2. Increase intake of glutamine. It has immunity-enhancing properties and is also an important amino in the body. If you’re overly stressed due to training or dieting, glutamine supplementation allows your body to maintain storage supply of glutamine for muscle tissues, thereby enhancing overall muscular recovery and growth. You can take 12-50 g of glutamine a day.
  3. Usually vegetables are overlooked when it comes to bodybuilding nutrition. Some bodybuilders are concerned about their complex carbohydrate and protein consumption, but are lax on easting variety and sufficient quantity of vegetables. Bodybuilders should strive to take four or five servings a day.
  4. Also take a mix of antioxidants as they have anti-catabolic effect on quenching free radicals formed during and after your workouts. In your antioxidant regime include 400-1,100 mg f vitamin C, 500-900 IU of vitamin E, and 220 micrograms of selenium. You can get rest from four to eight servings of vegetables and fruits.


  5. Take extra magnesium and calcium. Calcium (1,100 mg per day) is vital for fat burning metabolism, and magnesium (400 mg per day) for enhancing training performance.
  6. Try adding some arginine also to your supplement mix. It is a conditionally essential amino acid that is very important for muscle-building. Many studies suggest that it speeds up wound healing, which often happens after a workout. Arginine also enhances muscle growth lengthwise and improves blood flow. It also improves immune function in athletes, especially when its’ combined with glutamine.
  7. Vitamin C is also a vital antioxidant that helps in the synthesis of amino acids, hormones, and collagen. It also saves immune-system cells from damage and allows them to work more efficiently. As body cannot store vitamin C, it should be regularly supplemented. You can take 400-800 mg a day.
  8. ZMA is a specifically formulation of zinc and magnesium. It aids faster recovery due to enhanced sleep efficiency and better anabolic hormone levels, as well as greater gains in muscle power and strength. For best results, you should take ZMA on an empty stomach immediately before bedtime. Follow label recommendations for correct dosage.