Booty Type Training Reviews

There are many methods you can use to make your butt firm. You can use pills, exercise, potions, diet, surgeries, or enhancer creams.

Surgery is not the best option for many people because it is costly and pose risks such as fat embolism, sensation changes, blood clots, and other severe response.

If you want to make your butt look sexy through without going to the hospital, consider the Booty Type Training.

This training will help make your booty sexier, just the way you want it. This guide explains everything you need to know about the Booty Type Training

What Is It All About?

The Booty Type Training is an ultimate guide that helps women get a desirable booty size and shape. The step by step guide is specially designed for women and contains different types of programs women need according their specific genes.

The program is very unique and is aimed at engaging the booty movements to shape them to your desired shape. The different techniques employed in this guide has been tested and is effective.

According to reviews from women who have used the program, the secrets, techniques, and methods used in this training are effective at improving butt shape and enhances your sex appeal.

So, if you are looking for a natural solution for shaping your butt and with no negative effects, consider using the Booty Type Training.

Who Is the Author or Creator?

The lady behind this amazing program is Jessica Gouthro. Jessica is a skilled expert who has helped millions of women around the world achieve their desired goal of getting a round butt.

People call her America’s Booty Type expert. She was given this name because of her ability to help women transform their behinds, as well as their life in general by adhering to the guide, step by step, and the tips that she offers her readers.

Jessica Gouthro loves her job and does everything with passion. She actually has a good booty, which she achieved from using the same methods she discusses in her guide, and it is the same principle she shares to you in the Booty Type Training.

What Is Included in The Program?

As you already know, getting a nice booty is not an easy task, but if you have an effective program such as The Booty Type Training, you can get a nice butt in no time.

The training guide comes with the following:

The guide has a video that shows all the butt training workouts. This segment has all the right exercises you you should on a daily basis.

You must perform these workouts accordingly. Once you get used to the routines, it will be easy for you to do them daily.

There are also different workout plans for the Booty Type Training. Here, there are 4 workout formulas that will help you get your desired butt shape.

Jessica Gouthro allows you to select the butt type that you want to get and from there, you can start your training right away.

Also, there are several printable workout logs for booty type training. The logs enable you to track how you are performing, which inspired you to continue to push on with the training until you get the best results.

In addition, you will learn how to employ the training methods to increase the rate of your fat loss via easy exercises.

You will learn how to lift your body without doing any tiresome workouts as well as the best time to do the training.

You will also know more about the three special metabolic booty movements that are meant to help you shape your booty correctly.

Once you have achieved your goals and you now have your ideal booty, you need to maintain it. The training guide has a segment that shows different ways through which you can do this.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The Body Type Training is not a scam. It is an effective natural solution for getting a round butt. The training works by shrinking the ugly look of the cellulite around your things and boot. It does not matter if you have been struggling with this problem for a long time, the training will eliminate the cellulite.

It also helps make your legs skinnier and thinner without getting rid of fat from the legs. It makes your waist tiny and sexier.

So, you do not need to starve yourself or adhere to tight dietary programs. The workouts in the program help to tone the muscle tissues around your butt without damaging your body the way invasive implants and surgeries would do.

List of Good Points / Pros


  1. The Booty Type Training guide is simple and easy to understand. The secrets and technique are simplified in a way any woman can easily understand
  2. Shows you the type of foods that you can eat and those that you are not supposed to eat prior and after the training
  3. The training guide is portable, you can store it in your mobile phone, PC, tablet, and any other device that you have
  4. It is easy to handle and use. You only need a few minutes to ready and start your training. It saves you money in the long run
  5. You can easily download and it does not have any risks associated with it- safe and secure to access


  1. For the training to work, you must be very committed. You have to spare several minutes every day to this program if you want to get the best results
  2. The results of the program are not guaranteed. Women are not the same, and so, the results tend to vary from one person to another

Who is the Ideal Candidate for The Product?

The Booty Type Training guide is ideal for those women who have issues with their sagging skin, cellulite or hard-to-remove body fat on the thighs, hips, and more so, butt. The training is effective at correcting all these issues.

Does It Work?

Millions of women around the globe have used the Body Type Training to transform not only their butt but also their physique in as little as 2 weeks.


The training program is recommended for women between the age of 20 to 70 who want to get a firmer booty and get rid of cellulite dimples.

There is no need to lift weights or run for many hours to get your desired butt. This program will end your frustrations by giving you strategies and techniques that will yield the best results.