The Jump Manual Review

In basketball, height can seem like everything. Whether it's the physical height of the player, or the height of their vertical jump, being able to soar above the competition is an extremely important part of the game—and the training process.


That's why learning to jump higher can add to both your game and your self-esteem. When you're trying to learn how to increase you're vertical jump, you probably find yourself pouring through jump manual reviews.

So let's take a look at just why this program pops up so often.

What is Included in the Product?

Jacob Hiller, the creator of Jump Manual, has been a professional trainer for ten years. He's worked with athletes at all levels, including the NBA and Olympics.

And he's personally achieved a 44 inch vertical jump himself. This extensive experience has given him the insights to create this comprehensive program.

From proper shoes to warm-up routines, Jump Manual reviews all the best approaches to increasing your leg strength for the best vertical lift.

Stretching techniques will give you the flexibility to take your jumps to the next level, while keeping you muscles and tendons in the best shape.

And new ways to think about the action of jumping give you a great deal to contemplate as you're repeating the vigorous reps and constantly increasing your output.

Even tips on how to hold the ball are including, along with training exercises to strengthen your fingers. And advice on how to maintain a positive outlook, and avoid hurting yourself with the exercises, rounds out the education.

All this information comes in one convenient download, so you can get the knowledge you need and get back to working out. You can take this information with you wherever you go, whether at the gym or at home.

And you can review it all at your own pace. By following its teachings, you'll really see your jumps take off.

But that's the real question, isn't it? That's what everyone wants to know. Before they invest in something new, before they spend their money on something they're afraid might be a gimmick or a scan, they have to have something to base their faith on.

So let's answer that question now.

Does It Work?

The Jump Manual reviews individuals' efforts on a multi-faceted level. That means it goes into each and every individual workout with the assumption that the user needs all-around support and instruction that can apply to both beginners and seasoned athletes.

Even if you think you're the best jumper out there, Jump Manual can show you new techniques and a well-round approach that can add to your skills.

Like all training programs, its success is significantly dependent on the work put into. By following all the instructions, engaging in the exercises, and repeating the reps, the program guarantees at least 10 inches added to your vertical jump.


This may seem like an incredible claim, but it's possible. And the Jump Manual reviews would seem to agree.

Most users have found their jumps to increase. And they've reiterated again and again how important it is to follow the instructions and the workout sheets.

But perhaps the most significant example of its effectiveness is the consensus Jump Manual's system and approaches have found within the jumping community.

Jump Manual, and similar products like the Vertical Jump Bible, offer similar advice and techniques for achieving results. They all explain the basics of muscle movement, and how to best apply energy for lift.

This uniformity of message is a good indicator that the information is accurate, as is the fact that Jump Manual reviews have appeared in ESPN and other popular sports magazines and media.

What are the Benefits?

Aside from the obvious ability to jump higher, Jump Manual provides several other benefits to the user. The overall strength training provided will assist in many other aspects of the player's game, as well as any other physically demanding activities in which they engage.

These exercise are also outstanding for general fitness. And the mindset involved, that's talked about throughout the product, can help the user achieve additional fitness goals to which they apply themselves.

In addition to the physical benefits, the Jump Manual also comes with a surprising amount of support. Though he often travels and may not always be available, Jacob Hiller makes a point of being as accessible as possible to everyone who uses his program.

His website has a chat feature, and he's even been known to make coaching calls with users. This level of dedication often sets Jump Manual, and Jacob Hiller, apart from the competition.

Of course, like every other product on the market, certain downsides may exist. And understanding them all is important before undertaking new exercise routines.

So before you make any decisions about a product, be sure to check out the cons and read all the Jump Manual reviews available.

What are the con?

The Jump Manual is a vigorous program that requires time and dedication to be effective. It's not a quick fix. And it doesn't provide instant results. It's a process and benefits develop over time.

If you're looking for a product that will shoot your jump into the atmosphere overnight, not only is this not the product for you, but that product likely doesn't exist.

Jump-Manual (1)


Jump Manual is also quite similar to several other programs on the market, most notably Vertical Jump Bible 2.0. While their creators have slightly different perspectives, and the Jump Manual reviews a broader range of activities to provide its multi-faceted approach, paying attention to the competition is always important. This gives programs context in which to judge their efficacy.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of the Jump Manual is its emphasis on repetition and hard work. The reps involved may seem complicated and tiring at first, but by adjusting to the stresses and learning how to properly strengthen your body without damaging it, you can find the power and the potential to reach heights you've never dreamed of.

If you work the system, put in the effort, and do what you need to do, the Jump Manual is likely to be a great way to improve your vertical jump and prove to you the validity of many Jump Manual reviews.