The Ultimate Pull-up Program Reviews

The Ultimate Pull-up Program is a training system designed for pull up breakthrough and progression for people who cannot perform a single pull-up or stuck in a plateau.

It was originally created for females since women tend to have more trouble performing pull-ups as compared to men. However, this program works well for males too.

The program is a full body training system that focuses on shoulder blades, rhomboid, trapezius, deltoids, glutes, core, and even legs. It stabilizes and also enhances movement efficiency.

The program is all about overall body strength and technique which helps improve personal bests and reps on regular basis.

Who is the author?

The author of this program is Meghan Callaway from Vancouver, Canada. She is a strength athlete and has been a competitive athlete for more than 25 years.

She has more than fourteen years of experience in training different clients such as top athletes, regular guys and girls and also post-rehab individuals who require strength training.

Meghan Callaway has a degree in Human Kinetics and is a certified personal trainer and sports nutrition trainer. She has competed in different sports such as soccer, baseball, and ice hockey.

What does the program include?

This program contains four phases and a bonus advanced and innovative pull-up variation. Each phase should last for four to eight weeks or slightly longer or less to proceed to the next phase.

Each phase is designed to improve full body stability, strength, mobility, and flexibility. All these can enhance the ability to perform pull-ups regularly.

Horizontal movement is also included to help develop strength pulling. You will begin with a simple exercise and proceed gradually to advanced variations of each exercise. You can also perform the same exercise until you are able to perform pull-ups without assistance.

How does the program work? Is it a scam?

The program works through the deconstruction of pull-up movement and focusing on different muscle groups. Different phases target different muscles with isotonic and isometric exercises that help compensate for weaknesses.

The plan contains detailed explanations on how to perform the exercises, clear video and photo of each exercise.

The various aspects involved in the perfect pull-up include the following:

  • The Grip: Your grip must be neutral with the width of your shoulder while your palms are facing forward.
    The glutes and core muscles: As you go up and down, your glutes, lower back, and front abs all participate in body stabilization. This increases your movement efficiency.
  • The Eccentric and Concentric parts: The plan explains how to perform the descending and ascending part of the pull-up properly. Start by lowering your shoulder blades and focus on your elbows while pulling up.
  • Body position: Ensure that your body is straight from head to toe.
  • Leg stability: You can do the pull-ups with bent or straight legs. Keep your legs in position by contracting leg muscles and glutes.

The following are the four phases of the program:

1st Phase: The Basics

This phase focuses on basic exercises and hangs to build the required foundation. The following are some of the exercises that are performed in this phase:

Basic hangs- This is for those who find it difficult to hang off a bar. This exercise will enable you to hold on to the bar for over 30 seconds.

Concentric hangs- This is for those who can’t do a pull-up yet. Hang on the bar from the top position with your glutes and core engaged and shoulder blades depressed.

Inverted pull-ups on bar, straps, and strings-It are similar to Australian pull-up. It is the transitional movement to pull-ups.

The hollow body holds- Involves lying on the floor and extending your arms and legs in the air and holding them in a hollow position. This will make your core to work.

Glute Bridges- Lie on the floor and move your legs vertically and push your hips off the floor.

Phase 1 will enable you to support bodyweight at the pull-up’s top position, improve grip strength, scapular, and shoulder controlled mobility.

2nd Phase (progression exercises)

Focuses on eccentric and concentric parts of the pull-up movement. It includes:

Negative pull-ups- Climb to the top position of the bar and slowly lower yourself down.

Concentric pull-ups- Lift your body by jumping to perform the pull-up and then lower yourself.

Scapular pull-ups- Contract and retract your shoulder blades without bending your arms to strengthen your trapezius and rhomboid.

Ab wheel rollouts- This exercise involves your core, back, and lats. Keep your body straight for efficiency.

3rd Phase: Pull-up mastering

This is the phase where you can perform the long climb. Keep doing it while you maintain the proper form and skills you learned in the previous phases.

This phase will help increase shoulder mobility and stabilize your pelvis.

4th Phase: Pull up progressions

This is an advanced variation of normal pull-ups. They include towel pull-ups, narrow grip, weighted and single arm pull-ups. You will also be able to perform advanced calisthenics pull-ups.

The program is not a scam. These exercises can improve your pull-up abilities more effectively as compared to other programs.

Pros of the The Ultimate Pull-up Program

  1. It is suitable for both women and men
  2. You don’t need to buy equipment to perform the exercises.
  3. It is flexible since you can do it from anywhere.
  4. Money back guarantee
  5. It is comprehensive
  6. It is effective for improving pull up abilities

Who is the ideal candidate for the program?

This program is for everyone who wants to increase strength and overcome plateaus. It is ideal for individuals who want a training plan that focuses on all the vital muscle groups.

Does the program work?

The program is well structured and systematic in its approach. The author’s experience in the field is a clear indication that the program is effective. The 60-day money back guarantee shows that the author can be trusted.


The Ultimate Pull-Up Program is a well-organized and effective training method. It is a complete workout plan that can be used by all genders to enhance body strength and pulling capabilities on the bar.

Also, the program leaves no room for errors and breaks down the components of a perfect pull-up.